About Our Company

Hello, my name is Kevin, and you have found my website. BestOnlineGambling.com aims to teach you how to gamble online for real money in a safe and responsible manner. One of the reasons I created this website is that I grew tired of being scammed by so-called “safe” wagering websites.

The greatest obstacle I faced as a gambler was inadequate casino recommendations. I later discovered that casinos pay webmasters for positive reviews. This created a conflict of interest that was plainly detrimental to casual gamblers like me.

In conclusion, this is the gist of it. BestOnlineGambling.com is intended to assist you in all aspects of online wagering for real money. There is no reason to gamble real money at shady casinos. There are a large number of trustworthy online casinos eager for your business. Stick to the secure wagering sites I’ve recommended here, and you’ll be fine.

What am I gaining from this?

Okay, you may have skepticism. Why would someone go through the bother of creating such a large website? Simply to be nice?

The answer is straightforward: when you click on my links to visit casinos, I receive credit for the referral. This is known as being a “affiliate.” I’m not going to deny it: I’d like to receive compensation for creating this website. This is how most websites function.

Keep in mind, however, that every gambling website you visit is operated by individuals who earn money by recommending casinos. How many actually acknowledge it?

I’m being completely transparent because I want to earn your trust. I will only ever direct you to trustworthy real-money wagering sites. If I believe that a casino is unsafe, I will not recommend it. End of the sentence.

About You

I began participating in online wagering roughly a decade ago. I began with online poker and ultimately became a professional online poker player; I used poker to pay my expenses, pay for education, and feed my family. I also participated in a little wagering for amusement.

This is my first website dedicated solely to assisting people with real-money gambling, but I have extensive experience in the field. I have played poker, wagered, and cleared incentives at scores of poker sites and casinos over the past decade. It has been a lot of fun.

I am fortunate because this is what I enjoy doing. Most people view gambling as a pastime, but it is my livelihood and profession. I’d like to share my passion for the game with you by providing the finest online wagering advice. It’s not amusing when unscrupulous casinos cheat their customers. It’s so much more enjoyable when individuals have positive wagering experiences.

If you wish to learn more, please contact me at any time. I enjoy hearing from genuine individuals. Feel free to ask me questions, tell me about your huge victories, and share your thoughts on anything related to online wagering for real money.

Best of luck!

  • Keven

Our Objective
BestOnlineGambling.com was founded in 2013 to guarantee gamblers a closely monitored, secure wagering environment. Our mission is to promote player-friendly environments, regulations, and practices within the online gaming industry.

We rely on player feedback, independent research, interviews, confidential information, and recommendations to form unbiased opinions and analyze data. We will relentlessly pursue a safe and equitable online gambling environment. The mission of BestOnlineGambling.com is to provide trustworthy wagering advice and recommendations, as players must rely on a knowledgeable third party.

Players can file formal complaints against any affiliated casino, bookmaker, racetrack, bingo hall, or other gaming establishment. When we receive a complaint alleging a violation of the player’s rights, we will conduct a thorough investigation with the aim of reaching a satisfactory resolution.

Any gaming company that does not adhere to the Standards of Fairness will lose its sponsorship. To ensure the impartiality and integrity of the software, including the rules and statistics, random, ongoing audits of each online wagering site will be conducted.

Remote testing for each member’s site is performed selectively several times a year without prior notification to each member site, ensuring that no game-altering modifications will take place once testing is complete.

Our auditors and automated testing agents conduct the testing process by running thousands of games and recording hundreds of results prior to a comprehensive mathematical analysis. We will only issue a certification and seal of approval after our team of analysts thoroughly analyses the data and determines that it conforms to acceptable standards for the randomness of casino results.

Members must adhere by the laws and regulations established by BestOnlineGambling, as well as those of their respective business jurisdictions. Each BOG member issued a legal gaming license by a governing authority will be presumed to be operating under the authority of that license upon submitting evidence of the same.






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